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One WordPress build
for Enterprise projects

Tired of testing, downloading, retesting and debugging tons of WordPress plugins? wpdistro snippet database and WPDistro WordPress build is the answer – Easy & Open Source

Posts and pages
Production ready
Tuned Ecommerce
Advanced SEO
Complete logging and auditing
Hacking protection
Frontend builder
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No more poorly written plugins

wpdsnippets is a free plugin that allows you to share, conveniently debug, develop and organize all your code snippets. You may not know how to make that little tweak to your favorite plugin. However, it is quite possible that the owner of one of the half a billion active WP installations knows this, and that is why there is our public database of your amazing snippets verified by us, from which you can transfer the code to you with a single click.
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Public snippets repository

wpdsnippets allows you to browse between hundreds of snippets to customize the behaviour of your WordPress site. Snippets can also be rated, commented and you can submit your own snippets for approval.

More than 50 sites are currently using our snippets

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Develop snippets easier with our special features

wpdsnippets has several features to make development more convenient. Write code faster with the Ace code editor. Debug faster with our debug console. Change variable values from snippets conveniently with our system of macros.

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Our easy to use macros

We have implemented a system of macros that allows even non-programmers to change variable values to adjust the output of snippets.