About us 1
About us 1

The future of WordPress

We are a Czech-based company that focuses on web development using WordPress. We mainly develop multilingual websites and e-shops with great numbers of products. We have tens of finished projects behind us, including some very big ones. As for our plugins, we mainly rely on Elementor, a drag & drop site builder, and Advanced Custom fields, which synergize very well together. For e-shops, we make use of WooCommerce.

About us 1

Our Vision

There are many WordPress plugins. but not all of them are good. Some plugins reinvent the wheel, some aren’t very secure and some aren’t compatible with other ones. We aim to solve these issues by picking the best set plugins that are mutually compatible, frequently updated, but still offer endless posibilities. Our goal is to put together the one WordPress distribution to rule them all, that you can get and install with only a couple of clicks.

More than 50 sites are currently using our snippets


Meet our team

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David Strejc


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David Moskoř

lead developer

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Tomáš Procházka


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Pavel Skrbel


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Matěj Neckář​



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